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Native Android App
Google Play Store Submission
Unlimited App Modules (Check all features)
App Analytics
eMail, Chat and Phone Support
Push Notifications
Unlimited Installs
Unlimited Updates
White Label App

* Every plan comes with 500 MB disk space. Contact us for additional space.

* You can submit applications in your own Google Play Developer and Apple Developer Account. If you do not have or do not want to create one, we will submit in our shared Google Play and Apple Developer accounts.

* One Time plan doesn’t offer new modules since the day of building application.

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A mobile app can increase revenue, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, social media engagement, visit frequency to your location, and can have many other benefits. The opportunities created by apps for small businesses are valuable and extraordinarily cost-effective.

In addition, mobile technology is growing very quickly, and is already overtaking desktop computing in many places. If you want to connect with your customers, mobile is fast-becoming the most popular channel available.

Android apps – that work on Samsung, Google, HTC, and other devices.

(I’m embarrassed to ask, but what’s an “app?”)
Once upon a time, a mobile phone just made calls. Now, only the most basic mobile phones are call-only. Instead, modern smartphones are powerful mini-computers that can run programs called “apps.”

When your business puts out an app, customers can download it to their smartphone and interact with your business on the go. They can perform whatever functions you choose, from simple things to looking up your phone number, location, or upcoming events, to more complicated things like submitting orders or sending a message to a customer service rep.

They increase revenue. By making it easy for customers to contact your business, visit your location, hear about promotions, and provide referrals, you can increase your revenue. Because apps are mobile, your customers can do any of these things from any location, which makes your business more accessible than ever before.

Online orders have been found to be up to 25% larger! This includes orders submitted through apps. Mobile users also submit orders more frequently.

Mobile coupons are redeemed at 10x the rate of print coupons.

70% of people contact a business after a mobile search, but almost half will head to a competing site if the mobile experience is poor.

They increase customer satisfaction. Mobile apps, especially those that include loyalty programs; keep customers happy, which increases customer retention and referral rates.

Loyalty programs can increase sales by 20% or more!

They increase social media engagement. By making it easy to post about your business to social media platforms, you make it more likely that a customer will do so. This can turn customers into brand promoters, and help boost revenue.

Push notifications have been found to lead to a 30% increase in social media engagement.

They help you compete. Customers have come to expect mobile interaction from almost every business. By offering an app or mobile website, you can get ahead of competitors that do not.

20% of quick-service restaurants already have online ordering, and the number is climbing. Don’t get left behind!

They increase operational efficiency. By letting customers submit orders or customer service requests through your app, you can cut down on phone time for your team members and streamline operations. You can also track activity more easily and find areas to improve.

Some restaurants are now getting a third of online reservations from mobile users.

They increase brand loyalty. Having a direct and regular connection channel to customers deepens the bonds between them and your business, boosting loyalty. Mobile loyalty programs increase this even further.

In short, mobile technology is surprisingly powerful and can generate a wealth of opportunities for small businesses.

  • Submission to the app store(s) of your choice
  • Lifetime support and maintenance of your app
  • Regular updates and improvements to your app
  • A powerful CMS account to update your app, instantly, at any time
  • And more!

Around seven to ten days.

Once created, we will submit your app to the iTunes App Store or Android Play Store (as applicable) within 48 hours. It then takes about a week to gain approval. In the highly unlikely event that your app is rejected, we will work with you to make the necessary changes. With us, approval is guaranteed.

We are sorry to see you go! Please send a cancellation request to

Appylite is the passion of engineers who were tired to see businesses paying thousands of dollars to get basic apps done. They have decided to create a platform that businesses can use to create mobile application with a fraction of the cost.

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